Doors Restoration In Philadelphia

  The possibility of restoring an old/damaged door in Philadelphia at a low cost is very attractive. There’s no need for you to spend a lot of money buying new doors. CTS Paint Pros does an awesome job restoring and refinishing all type of residential doors in Philadelphia. The best of all is that by restoring your doors you’d probably save more than 70% in costs, with the freedom of customizing your door to your as you like it. Contact us now and request a Free Estimate for any door restoration job!

Huge Saving Opportunity

Do you want to change the color of your doors? Is your door recoverable? Sometimes you just don’t need to spend on a new door. We are really good at restoring and refinishing doors, no matter the type. We have a lot of satisfied clients in Philadelphia that saved a lot of money by trusting CTS Paint Pros. If you would rather some bucks for your other home renovation projects, we guarantee your work will be as good as new.

Endless Refinishing Styles

Another advantage of requesting our door refinishing services is that you’ll be able to pick the style you want for your door. Options are endless, and you can also receive a design consultation from one of our experts. Your dreamed house could be closer than you think!

Free Estimate Available

Since our main objective is always your satisfaction, working with us is a neat experience. Our team is excited to work with you. If you are ready to start with your home renovation project, contact CTS Paint Pros, the leading door restoration contractor in Philadelphia. Call us now at (267) 596-8850